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COT20 Pre-regulations are now available…

COT20 Pre-regulations for Classic and Modern Competitions are now available.

The Pre-regulations provide intending competitors with the essential details they may need to prepare themselves for the 2020 Classic Outback Trial.

They include information on the governance of the event, entries and Technical Regulations such as vehicle eligibility and decals on vehicles.

The Supplementary Regulations, to be issued early April 2020, will contain the Sporting Regulations.

The Pre-regulations are on the Documents and Forms page.


Official Noticeboard

About the official noticeboard

The official noticeboard will be used by the Clerk of Course and Event Director to post messages and official documents for the information of competitors in the lead up to and during the 2018 Classic Outback Trial.

Entrants and competitors should check this page on a regular basis.

Tom Snooks
Clerk of Course