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Travis wins 2022 Classic Outback Trial in fine style

Bathurst based son and father team of Andrew and David Travis won the 2022 Classic Outback Trial today after a commanding performance of aggressive and fast driving over the seven day Special Stage Rally. The win was the Travis’ fifth in this 1700 kilometer-long grueling, dusty and sometimes muddy event and astonishingly, their fourth win in a row.

After 31 special stages which started in Parkes on Sunday 26 March, only a handful of other drivers were able to better Travis individual stage times. His winning margin was more than 15 minutes.

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Day 6: Valantine makes a last ditch try to overhaul Travis

The pine forests south of Bathurst, which hosted today’s 92 kilometres of stages in the 2022 Classic Outback Trial, set the scene for the seven day-long rally’s close competition amongst the leading crews on the penultimate day of the event.

Hard charging second placed Michael Valantine and his co-driver, son Timothy Valantine, steered their Datsun Stanza to a fastest stage time in the forest plantations near Black Springs today in a heroic effort to claw back some much needed time to the leader, Bathurst financial advisor Andrew Travis and his dentist father, David in their potent Nissan Gazelle V6.

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Rising river shortens Day 5 of Classic Outback Trial

The rising waters of the Turon River north of Bathurst has made the water depth at a causeway impassable for rally crews and has caused a critical Special Stage to be cancelled on Day 5 of the Classic Outback Trial.

The cancellation of the stage left rally competitors with today’s stage lengths adding to just shy of 28 kilometers – or in time, around 19 minutes.

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Official Noticeboard

Competitor Bulletin 9 – Passage Control Procedure


Approved by Motorsport Australia

Date 31 March 2022
Issued in Bathurst


There is a passage control in SS29 on Day 6 at Total distance 28.07, tulip 40.

There will be a Stop Point sign 100m before the Passage Control.

There will be an Official at the Give Way sign with their arm raised.

Competitors are to come to a complete halt at that point.

When the official is satisfied that the Competitor has come to a complete halt, the Official will drop their arm.

The Competitor can then proceed.

Refer SR 602.1 (6). The penalty for failing to stop at a passage control is 2 minutes.

Phillip Bernadou
Clerk of the Course

Official Noticeboard

Regularity Advice to Competitors 6

Day 5 Section R19 RAZORBACK has been cancelled

The Turon River is rising and has made the causeway on R19 RAZORBACK impassable for COT22 competitors. The section has been cancelled for both Rally competitions and the Regularity competition.
Impacts on our day:

  1. Regularity Day 5 will start later with the first car leaving Orange at 09:45 hrs.
  2. Transport T23, commencing at the end of Icely Road, has been altered to stop at Sofala for lunch.
  3. More time is allowed for the lunch break in Sofala.
  4. Sections R19 and T24a have been cancelled.
  5. Transport T24b, from Sofala to Box Ridge will run as planned, with the first Regularity car due to leave Sofala at 12:47 hrs.

A paper copy of the attached docs will be provided at the start of Day 5.

Philip Bernadou
Clerk of the Course

Regularity Day 5 Schedule – Updated
Regularity Day 5 Roadbook Alterations