“How better can it be than traveling through the outback in an old clunker, eating dust, covered in grease, getting lost, freezing your nuts off at sparrows fart and looking forward to a great breakfast prepared by Frontier Services. What could possibly be better than that?”
Ben Seehusen – Car 19 1968 VW Beetle

“This was a proper outback event and benefited from not having to follow a formula such as a Round Australia or London Sydney style event. In that way it meant that the quality of the stages and the competitive distance per day took top priority. Great event and well organised”
Graham Wallis – Car 24 1982 Peugeot 505

“I just need to sincerely thank you for putting together such a great event. My novice navigator and I had a ball for the whole 8 days. The competitive roads were excellent, the transport sections were also fun and the instructions were clear and fair. The way you set it up created a perfect balance between competition and fun. 

I was really impressed with the level of organisation that allowed all competitors to mix socially and create friendships that will hopefully last for years to come. The atmosphere at all of the stops was friendly even though the competition was fierce during the day, everyone felt relaxed enough to enjoy themselves and mix during the breaks.

I am personally aware of the amount of time and effort that goes in to creating a successful event and that you and your team deserve great praise for this event.

I hope that the success has inspired you to keep directing. It has certainly inspired us to keep competing. Please pass on our sincere thanks to the property owners for allowing us to enjoy such fantastic rally roads.”

Thanks again from the crew of car 21.
Murray Rogers & Debra Hedwards

“Entering a Classic Outback Rally gives competitors the opportunity to rally in remote areas mostly on outback station roads and often at considerable speed. In some ways it could be described as a true time warp back to the early Round Australia events as the COT certainly carries this spirit amongst the competitors.

Long distance events are hard to find these days and opportunities need to be seized when they come along. If your rally experience to this date has only been short events then you are missing something special that only occurs in a few places in the world. Just don’t underestimate the competition.”
Kim Harper – Car 13 1972 Ford Mk 1 Escort RS2000

“Hi Philip, Directing Team and all the Officials. Thank all of you for a great event it certainly kept the Lada Team on our toes or if not on our backs repairing the little beast. Your format for the event and the roads were excellent. Again thank all of you for a great event. Hopefully we will be able to do another. Best wishes from the Lada Team.”
Dan Murphy – Car 15 1989 Lada Samara Z108

The Classic Outback Trial:
– Was well organised with an experienced team
– had challenging yet enjoyable stages
– was not too rough and definitely wasn’t a car breaker
– had good start times (8 to 9am) and finish times (3 to 4pm) for each day
– had no gates to open on stages
– used Special Stage elapsed timing so all stages were competitive
– had well written route instruction
– used RallySafe instrumentation which has major safety advantages for competitors
– had a very low percentage of transports with close to 40% of the event being competitive
Mike Batten – Car 4 1971 Datsun P510

“I am delighted to commit to every next event.

The professional approach to the entire event is only a small part of the reason.
The main reasons are the very high ratio of competitive and lots of it, over challenging country and station tracks never otherwise to be seen, of an extremely demanding variety for car, driver and navigator, with not impossible schedules for support crews. For day after day!!

Your events make the sprint series seem silly with their short stages, long waits and limited total competitive, generally over made roads with far less challenge and difficulty.
It is a joy to trust your road books- because you can. It is also a joy to have long stages as this adds to the challenge and satisfaction levels significantly.

You and your crew do a magnificent job and I will be doing my best to inspire others with an interest in the sport to participate as your events are the best events anyone could ever get involved in.

The tight tracks over the first few days did not suit the p76 but certainly sharpened the approach and gave me true satisfaction to see my progress up the field. By the next event I will have working suspension without the need for hydraulic presses in overnight stops, a wheel alignment and brakes that work.

You gave me more competitive in a week than I used to get in a year of sprint series!!
Please send details of station owners so I can thank them for allowing us the privilege of access to have so much fun.

If you or your colleagues are ever in our area let us know as you have some earnt some discount at Tanonga Luxury Eco-Lodges or Coffinbay beach house.

I thoroughly recommend the Classic Outback Trials for anyone interested in competitive rally driving for a week over station tracks in outback Australia. The events are magnificently organized and are a true challenge for car, drivers, navigators and support crews. Still can’t get the grin off my face.

Thank you!! All the very best.”
Michael Coates – Car 7 1973 Leyland P76