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The Bogmeister’s guide to driving through deep sand

On a recent roadbook check we saw quite a few sandy patches. So we asked a well known former Australian and Victorian Rally Champion and outback trail organiser for some sand driving tips to share with you. Note that these are The Bogmeister’s suggestions and we do not necessarily endorse them – especially the last one! 

In the unlikely circumstance that the organisers require you to drive through deep sand (they woudn’t do that, would they? Ha ha ha…) here are a few general hints about handling the situation.  Continue reading

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Unleaded fuel in Alice Springs

Do you use 91 octane unleaded in your car? And not just your rally car, what about in your service vehicles or road car?

opalYou need to be aware that the 91 octane unleaded fuel available around Alice Springs is non-aromatic fuel called Opal. This is a special fuel that was developed by BP Australia to combat the rising use of petrol as an inhalant in remote Indigenous communities.

Opal is the only 91 octane fuel sold in and around Alice Springs. Continue reading

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A day-by-day look at the COT16 course

The course for the 2016 Classic Outback Trial has been set. Let’s walk through the event and see what’s in store each day.

Day 1

A map of Central Australia with an indication of the COT 16 route shown.

The COT16 course… (Click for a readable version!)

The old saying “The rally is never won on the first day” will ring true in 2016. The first day will put you, the competitors, straight into the deep end! No leading you by the hand!

After a ceremonial start at the Alice Springs Convention Centre at Lasseters you’ll head south. You’ll have three station stages before a lunch and service break at the Alice Springs Off Road Club. After two stages at the Off Road Club we head home, with two stages on the way.

Day 1 comprises seven special stages totaling 154 km competitive and 161 km transport, that’s nearly 50% competition!  It’s a good introduction too – the Day 1 roads and tracks cover just about every surface and condition that the following 5 days have to offer. Continue reading

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RallySafe Installation Kits

RallySafe logoRallySafe is a key part of the safety framework for the 2014 Classic Outback Trial.

All cars need to buy and fit a Rallysafe Installation kit before the event. The event will provide the RallySafe unit, but you need to have the kit installed and ready to plug it in.

You can buy the installation kit direct from RallySafe. It is available through their online shop on their website.  Continue reading