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Modern cars eligible for Classic Outback Trial Modern competition

The 7th Classic Outback Trial (COT), a bi-annual event, will be conducted between 7th and 15th August next year, and will return to mid-New South Wales after being centred at Alice Springs in the Northern Territory in 2016 and 2018.

Starting in Parkes and finishing in Bathurst, the 7 day gravel rally will be run over 33 special stages, ranging in length up to 60 kilometres. These stages will be conducted on private property, forestry and public roads. Continue reading

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COT20 Pre-Regulations updated – ensure you have the latest version…

COT Pre-Regulations for Classic and Modern Competitions were updated and re-issued on 30 July 2019. While there were a number of corrections, the updated document does contain some important changes over the version first in relation to vehicle eligibility.

Competitors should check their document and if necessary, download the version issued on 30 July 2019 from the Documents and Forms page. Continue reading

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COT20 Pre-regulations are now available…

COT20 Pre-regulations for Classic and Modern Competitions are now available.

The Pre-regulations provide intending competitors with the essential details they may need to prepare themselves for the 2020 Classic Outback Trial.

They include information on the governance of the event, entries and Technical Regulations such as vehicle eligibility and decals on vehicles.

The Supplementary Regulations, to be issued early April 2020, will contain the Sporting Regulations.

The Pre-regulations are on the Documents and Forms page.


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COT18 Pre-Regulations now available

COT18 Pre-Regulations, which will provide intending competitors with the essential details they require to prepare themselves for the Classic Outback Trial 2018.

Pre-Regulations contain information on the governance of the event, entries and Technical Regulations (ie: vehicle eligibility and decals on vehicles). The Supplementary Regulations, to be issued early April 2018, will contain the Sporting Regulations.

COT18 Pre-Regulations are available on the Documents and Forms page.

Tom Snooks
Clerk of Course

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The Bogmeister’s guide to driving through deep sand

On a recent roadbook check we saw quite a few sandy patches. So we asked a well known former Australian and Victorian Rally Champion and outback trail organiser for some sand driving tips to share with you. Note that these are The Bogmeister’s suggestions and we do not necessarily endorse them – especially the last one! 

In the unlikely circumstance that the organisers require you to drive through deep sand (they woudn’t do that, would they? Ha ha ha…) here are a few general hints about handling the situation.  Continue reading

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Unleaded fuel in Alice Springs

Do you use 91 octane unleaded in your car? And not just your rally car, what about in your service vehicles or road car?

opalYou need to be aware that the 91 octane unleaded fuel available around Alice Springs is non-aromatic fuel called Opal. This is a special fuel that was developed by BP Australia to combat the rising use of petrol as an inhalant in remote Indigenous communities.

Opal is the only 91 octane fuel sold in and around Alice Springs. Continue reading