Unfinished business for the Kaplan/Penney RX7

Multi-faceted businessman, Adam Kaplan is going all out to prove that his Mazda’s reliability and his well-known speed can deliver a victory in the 2021 Classic Outback Trial.

Kaplan, together with 26 year old co-driver Aleshia Penney, hopes to show their pace of the 2018 event , where they were fastest on most of the special stages they finished, was no flash-in-the-pan.

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Rally and Regularity Supp Regs updated for NCR changes

Supplementary Regulations for both COT21 Rally and COT21 Regularity have been updated.

Motorsport Australia recently revised the National Competition Rules (NCR’s) reducing the number of Articles from 241 to 113 and bringing the streamlined document aligning more closely with the recently updated FIA’s International Sporting Code and this will result in greater consistency from grassroots to the international levels of the sport. The revised NCR’s will be applicable from 1 January 2021.

Classic Outback Trial Pty Ltd has therefore updated both the COT 2021 and COT Regularity 2021 regulations to bring them in line with the revised NCR’s.

No other changes have been made to either set of regulations.

COT21 Rally Supplementary Regulations v4 are available from the Rally Docs and Forms page.

COT21 Regularity Supplementary Regulations v3 are available from the Regularity Docs and Forms page.

Tom Snooks
Clerk of the Course

Andy Crane and Dave Anderson near the end of the Hayes Highway stage

Iconic stages: COT16’s Hayes Highway

Every great rally has an Iconic Stage.

You know, that stage which is a bit more special than the rest, the stage upon which the results of a whole even can hinge on – by winning the stage or losing it big time. It could be the stage that characterises the whole event.

Think Wedding Bells at Rally Australia.

The Castrol International and the Mineshaft.

The RAC Rally and Esgair Dafydd.

And the Classic Outback Trial and Hayes Highway. 

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Classic Outback Trial postponed to early March

Classic Outback Trial Organisers have made the decision to postpone the event to 7 – 13 March 2021.

Complications in regard to preparation and competing logistics for competitors and organisers, brought about by the emergence of the strong second wave of the Covid-19 virus, has forced the Organisers to again postpone the event from its initially revised date of 1 – 7 November 2020.

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David McKenzie – the Multi Purpose Man

The 1973 GB Chrysler Galant may have been in nearly 50 rallies in its 20 year career but Melbourne’s David McKenzie is determined to “have a real go” in the 2020 Classic Outback Trial.

McKenzie, a retired financial consultant has experienced rallying on both sides of the gear stick, having navigated for such rally luminaries as Geoff Portman (Queensland ARC round in 1984) and also Brian Smith, when they won the 1985 Tile Supplies Rally in South Australia, a round of the Australian Rally Championship that year.

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