COT18 Pre-Regulations

COT18 Pre-Regulations (pdf)

COT18 Competitor Nomination Form

COT18 Competitor Nomination Form (MS word)
COT18 Competitor Nomination Form (pdf)
COT18 – Terms and Conditions of Nomination and Entry (pdf)

COT16 Order Forms

COT16 Commemorative Storybook Order Form (pdf)
COT16 TV Show on DVD – Order Form (pdf)


These COT 16 documents are left for information only. They will be replaced with COT18 documents in due course.

COT16 Guide to the Event

COT16 Guide to the Event, issued 21 May 2016 (pdf)

COT16 – Supplementary Regulations 

For Classic, Modern and Cross Country:
An introduction to the COT16 Supplementary Regulations (pdf)
COT16 – Supplementary Regulations FINAL – CAMS Approved (pdf)