These documents and forms are for competitors in the COT Regularity competition.

Regularity Bulletins

Regularity Bulletin 1 (pdf) 27 March 2022

Entry List

Day 0 Start Order (pdf)
COT22 Entry List, 24 March 2022 (pdf)

Guide to the Event

COT22 Regularity Guide to the Event, for Competing Crews and Officials (pdf, 3.2 MB)

Competitor Bulletins

Competitor Bulletin 6 (pdf) 25 March 2022
Competitor Bulletin 5 (pdf) 15 March 2022
Competitor Bulletin 4 (pdf) 20 July 2021
Competitor Bulletin 3 (pdf) 15 January 2021
Competitor Bulletin 2 (pdf) 1 August 2020

Scrutineering Forms

MA Self-Scrutiny Checklist (pdf)
MA Self-Scrutiny Statement of Vehicle Compliance (pdf)

Supplementary Regulations

COT Regularity Supplementary Regulations V6.2, 11 November 2021 (pdf)
Approved by Motorsport Australia.

Entry form

COT Regularity Entry Form (pdf, for download, fill and email)

Motorsport Australia Documents

International Competition Visa (pdf)
(More info at Motorsport Australia International & Visa page)