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Regularity Advice to Competitors 4

Compilation of Results for Day 3

Test R9.3 on R9, Back Yamma Rd

In Regularity Advice to Competitors 2, Test 9.3 was incorrectly called a Constant Average Speed test when it should have been an Overall Average Speed test. There was not a waypoint in place in line with Supplementary Regulations para 606.3 [4], so Organisers could not time the test properly.

Test 9.3 has been neutralised.

Tests R10.1 and R10.2 on R10, Amaroo Way

In the running of R10, the Rally Recovery vehicles started just before the Regularity field. In carrying out their duties these vehicles stopped a number of times and continued on Amaroo Way, creating dusty conditions that adversely affected a significant number of Regularity competitors.

The Organiser’s view is that conditions on these two tests were not consistent for Regularity Competitors and we have neutralised both tests R10.1 and R10.2.

Phillip Bernadou
Clerk of the Course