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Competitor Bulletin 5 now available

COT Competitor Bulletin 5, for the COT Classic, COT Allcomers and COT Regularity competitions, has been released.

It is available on both the COT Rally Documents and Forms and COT Regularity Documents and Forms pages.

Bulletin 5 incorporates Further Regulations and covers:

  1. SR Article 105.1: Organising Committee (all Competitions)
  2. SR Article 301.3: Vehicle Classes (not Regularity)
  3. SR Article 301.4: Fuel (not Regularity)
  4. SR Article 501: Documentation (all Competitions)
  5. Article 501.2: Reporting to Documentation & Article (all Competitions)
  6. SR Article 601.5: Vehicle Odometer Course Distance Check (all Competitions)
  7. SR Article 608.1: Start of Event (all Competitions)
  8. SR Article 903: Presentation of Awards (all Competitions)
  9. SR Article 301.4: Fuel (not Regularity)

Phillip Bernadou
Clerk of the Course