Andrew and David Travis – car 1 and poster for COT16

Andrew and David Travis have been assigned car number 1 for COT16 in recognition of their win in the previous Classic Outback Trial in 2014.

Andrew and David had an exiting run in 2014, swapping the lead with Cuthbert/Runnalls early on and finally taking a comfortable 22 minute lead into the last day.  As the past winners, Andrew and David and their Datsun 1600 feature on the 2016 event poster and on the cover of publications.

The poster has been developed by COT16 Creative Director, Antony Bernadou.

Antony said of his striking design “This year we celebrate the 2014 COT win of Andrew and David Travis making ripples in an illustrated version of their Datsun 1600. The title, “LET IT ALL HANG OUT”, relates to the amount of effort every team member exerts at this endurance event and, most obviously, it relates to the classic cornering action that will be further highlighted when the posters are displayed around the corners of HQ in June.”

The pic of Andrew and David used in the poster was taken by a COT Photographer, Ian Smith.

The poster is now available for download from the Classic Outback Trial posters page.