Classic Outback Trial posters, covers and all COT creative by our Art Director, Antony Bernadou.

Classic Outback Trial 2016

Features winners COT 2014, Andrew and David Travis.
COT16 Poster (pdf file, 1.0 MB)


Classic Outback Trial 2014

Features winners COT 2012, Matt Swan and Paul Franklin.
COT 2014 Poster A3 (pdf file, 1.5 MB)



Classic Outback Trial 2012

Features first, second and third in COT 2010: Andrew Travis/David Travis, Trevor Stilling’John Paine and Andy Crane/John Fraser.
COT 2012 Poster A3  (pdf file, 700 KB)



Classic Outback Trial 2010

Features David and Kate Officer, pictured in the Red Centre to Gold Coast Trial
COT 2010 Poster (pdf file, 1.9 MB)



Classic Outback Trial 2009

Three posters featuring crews from the 2008 Red Centre to Gold Coast Trial.
Exit – Hilary Evans/Doug Fernie
COT 2009 Poster – Exit (pdf, 860 KB)


Dust – Matt Bryson/John Bryson
COT 2009 Poster – Dust (pdf, 600 KB)


Spleen – Alan Upton/Matt DeVaus
COT 2009 Poster – Spleen (pdf, 650 KB)