Mercedes competing in regularity

Last call for Regularity Competitors in Classic Outback Trial

A rare window opportunity has opened for prospective regularity rally competitors for this year’s Classic Outback Trial.

A couple of existing entries have unexpectedly withdrawn, leaving some unfulfilled places in the COT22 Regularity competition.

Phil Bernadou, Clerk of Course of the Classic Outback Trial expected the places to be filled quickly.

“This is a great chance to experience regularity rallying in a multi-day, dedicated-to-regularity competition.”

“COT Regularity has a reputation of being well organised, safely conducted and importantly, great fun. We intend to present another great event this year.”

COT22 Regularity is a seven day Time/Speed/Distance rally. It has its own route, which includes some sections shared with the special stage event, and its own dedicated and experienced officials.

“We start from Parkes and finish at Bathurst. Between there are 4 regularity sections each day, each with one or more TSD tests.”

“One of the special benefits for crews in COT22 Regularity is that they can participate in the event with a basically standard car. There are no requirements for expensive roll over protection or other special modifications which are compulsory for the special stage rally cars.”

“The other upside is the strict enforcement of public road speed limits, which means less stress on your car. Our regularity competitors should expect challenging days with relaxed and entertaining nights. The sensational scenery along the way and the camaraderie with the other competitors each night is always a highlight.”

The Classic Outback Trial – both the special stage and regularity competitions – starts in the New South Wales town of Parkes on Sunday 27 March 2022; relocates to Orange on Tuesday 29 March and finishes in Australia’s motor sport Mecca, Bathurst, on Saturday 2 April.

Regularity competitors will experience over 1600 kilometres of driving, with almost 800 kilometres of well-planned and thoughtful regularity sections.

Regularity competitors’ cars already entered in the Classic Outback Trial include an EH Holden, a MGB GT, a 1937 Alvis, a Ford Territory as well as what is probably the most interesting car in the field, a 1957 Sunbeam Alpine which has received a transplant of a Tesla Model 3 electric power train!

For more information on the Classic Outback Trial and the Regularity competition, see the Regularity section of his website, or contact the Clerk of the Course, Phil Bernadou at

Classic Outback Trial
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COT22 Regularity video overview

Mercedes competing in regularity

Banner: Regularity competitors, Bill and Kathy Gill, in the COT18 Regularity event.