The Red Centre, the country surrounding Alice Springs, is an area so vast, so ancient and so sparsely populated that it holds a powerful mystique. The air is crystal clear and spectacular sunrises and sunsets create hues and emotions that are unforgettable.

This unique landscape, millions of years old, provides terrain which is quite different to that normally used for rallies. There is a great variety of roads and tracks, from fast, smooth, sandy cattle station roads to steep, tight and hilly tracks through the rugged MacDonnell Ranges of Australia’s heartland.

There is nowhere in the world like Australia’s Northern Territory.

It is a land of scale almost beyond imagination, a land of grandeur, with vast horizons and silence that challenges the senses. To experience the very landscape is to be enriched. From the Red Centre to the Top End, Australia’s Northern Territory offers infinite variety ranging from casinos to sacred sites. Seemingly endless desert stretches into tropical glades. And, after rain, the desert becomes a sea of wildflowers. There is a special feeling about Australia’s Northern Territory. It is like no other place on earth.

This is the setting for the Classic Outback Trial of 2016, the exciting new future of rallying in Australia. The potential of the Australian Outback, with its almost unlimited choice of exciting roads and constantly changing and challenging terrain, offers the opportunity to compete in a unique event in an amazing part of Australia – the Red Centre.