Rally for remote Australia – donate to Frontier Services’ Sydney to London fundraising campaign

SLM Frontier Services Fundraising banner

The Classic Outback Trial team is thrilled to be part of the Sydney to London Classic Marathon and we’re really looking forward to showing SLM crews some of our COT stages in the first four days of this great event. We’re also thrilled that Frontier Services are part of the SLM and we’re supporting their SLM fundraising activities.

Frontier Services have a special fundraising effort for the Sydney to London at

This site lets you donate direct to Frontier Services or by “sponsoring” a team on the SLM.  There are already a few teams set up, including the SLM redshirts, the Hartman Hot Wheels team and now, the COT team.  We’re not really that competitive of course, but these teams are looking to raise the most for Frontier Services so we can win the coveted “Frontier Services Charity Cup”.

This is really important fund raising – Frontier Services do essential work with the people who live remote parts of Australia and need our support to keep this work going.  And, both the Sydney to London and the Classic Outback Trial benefit from our Frontier Services partnership – we get to rally in an absolutely sensational part of Australia.  So – we need to support our partners.

Go to the website and make a donation – either direct to Frontier Services or through a team by “sponsoring” that team.  And share your donation to your social media friends – get them to reach into their pockets too!  Donations are tax deductible and all funds go direct to Frontier Services.   

We’re appealing to all of our COT officials to make a donation by “sponsoring” the COT team – lets show how #cotofficialsmakeithappen!  

And we’d like to encourage other SLM teams to register and have a crack at the Frontier Services Charity Cup… (Whatever that is… did Gary Williamson make it up? 😎 )  

Frontier Services is a great organisation, full of wonderful people that do essential and valuable work. Let’s get behind them – donate now! 


Sydney to London route check, Sept 2013

The COT team is providing the first four days of competition for the Sydney to London Classic Marathon Rally in April 2014. In September 2013 we did a route check and took these pics along the way.