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Day 7 – Around Renmark

The Fat Lady Sings.

The last day of competition in the Classic Outback trial provided as much drama as any of the previous days. While first place Andrew and David Travis with a 22 minute lead just had to keep in on its wheels to take the win and second place looked safe enough at 4 minutes 26 seconds (although as we have seen, a tyre change will cost them at least 6 minutes), the battle for third was really on. The Datsun 240Z of Pickering and Boddy were a mere 30 seconds ahead of Batten and Snooks who were themselves just 30 seconds clear of Swan/Swan’s Volvo. Pickering was ready to defend his third place with new tyres and determination, Batten was intent on playing his usual game of worrying about himself, but sniffing a podium finish, Ian Swan was going to drive the wheels off the Volvo to position himself to take advantage of any slowing by those in front. There were 3 stages today totalling 66 kilometres today. Continue reading

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Day 6 – Broken Hill to Renmark

The Cream will rise. Another mammoth day of rallying in the outback on Friday on the run from Broken Hill in far western New South Wales, south to Renmark in South Australia, crossing a time zone on the way.

Leaving the famous town with street names such as Oxide, Sulphide and Chloride Street and in to sandy terrain for the first time, our crews had a 50 kilometre stage before a service break at the Coombah roadhouse. As the crews arrived it didn’t take long to work out that the thoughts of anyone backing off to hold their position were misplaced. Indeed, anyone who did, with the exception of the leaders Travis/Travis would be shuffled down the order without apology. Continue reading


Introducing the COT 2014 gnome…

COT 2014 gnome and Rob Cranston of Boutique Statue Artistry

The COT 2014 Frontier Services gnome – straight off the workbench. Held by Rob Cranston, of Boutique Statue Artistry.

Rob Cranston of Boutique Statue Artistry has crafted a very special COT 2014 gnome for the traditional charity auction to benefit Frontier Services at the end of the event.

The gnome is resplendent in the COT’s green and ochre colours and is enjoying a beer – something many of the crews are bound to be doing at the presentation in Renmark, after seven hard days of rallying in outback NSW. Continue reading