What car requirements have to be met?

The regularity activity has been designed to be enjoyed in a responsibly prepared club competition car, or classic rally car, or a modern car including a SUV.

Eligible vehicles are:

  • Category 1: Vintage – Cars in production before 1942;
  • Category 2: Classic – Cars in production between 1942 and 1976;
  • Category 3: Post-Classic – Cars in production after 1976.

Some equipment that is required or recommended is:

  • Some under-body protection is desirable (recommended);
  • a laminated windscreen (required);
  • safety triangles (required);
  • a first aid kit (required);
  • a 0.9 kg fire extinguisher (required);
  • Navigational instruments, including an accurate odometer and time-keeping devices (recommended);
  • “RallySafe” unit, which will provide the means for timing (required, provided to entrants).

There is no requirement for special safety equipment, including rollover protection or harness seat belts. Normal seat belts are compulsory unless exemption for older cars is applied for and granted by the organisers.