ERCA logoThe Endurance Rally Club of Australia (ERCA), who cater for enthusiasts of endurance rally events, is partnering with COT18 to run a regularity style event at the COT18 as component of a longer ERCA tour covering Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

The ERCA category will run a “regularity style” competition to comply with Confederation of Australian Motorsport regulations that will see ERCA competitors taking on a modified version of the COT course designed to be challenging but also sympathetic to the nature of  the ERCA cars. Make no mistake – this will be a challenging and exciting event.

As part of the adventure and before the start of the COT, ERCA plan to host a touring event for our competitors. Our original plans and route have been altered to add some more attractions and extra days to make this event truly memorable.

The route will see the ERCA Tour leave Melbourne on Aug 8 and travel for 10 days to Alice Springs, via South Australia, the Barossa Valley, and Uluru (Ayres Rock) to take in some of Australia’s best outback sights.

The ERCA cars will then participate in the Classic Outback Trial, headquartered in Alice Springs for the following week. This rally stage style event that will have special regularity stages for our ERCA cars. At the completion of the COT, ERCA competitors will then continue on for another 10 days of touring to finish in Sydney on September 4th.

The route will include a number of rest days to allow for exploring and taking in some of Australia’s famous landmarks and attractions. We will be carrying out recces over the coming months so the final route and number of days may vary slightly.

More information:

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