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COT20 Pre-Regulations updated – ensure you have the latest version…

COT Pre-Regulations for Classic and Modern Competitions were updated and re-issued on 30 July 2019. While there were a number of corrections, the updated document does contain some important changes over the version first in relation to vehicle eligibility.

Competitors should check their document and if necessary, download the version issued on 30 July 2019 from the Documents and Forms page.


The version of the pre-regulations originally published on the website was unfortunately an early draft that contained a number of typos and errors.

The errors included incorrect vehicle eligibility information, particularly in relation to the Groups that are eligible for Classic or Modern Competitions.

The correct Pre-Regulations were published on the website on 30 July and are available for download from the Documents and Forms page.

Note that the corrected Pre-Regulations are in line with vehicle eligibility information previously published – there is no change from what the Organisers outlined in the May 2019 COT Newsletter.

Any competitor or interested party who downloaded Pre-Regulations should check that their document shows “Issued July 30 2019” in the top RH corner.  Other versions should be discarded.