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Club Rally cars are now eligible for COT18

In the COT January 2018 Newsletter it was advised that the 2018 National Rally Code issued by CAMS listed Club Rally Cars as being ineligible for National Events.

After numerous competitors indicated they are planning to enter a Club Rally Car a proposal was presented to the Australian Rally Commission (ARCOM) at its January 2018 meeting seeking exemptions for COT, this being a National Other event.

After giving due consideration to the presentation the Commission agreed to allow these cars to be entered in the COT. The ineligibility ruling was intended for Championship events.

In the Classic Competition Club Rally Cars with engines produced 20 years prior to 2018 that do not employ electronically-activated or electro-hydraulic gear selection (sequential gearboxes) may be considered for the CAMS Group 2 Modified Classic Cars now that suspension modifications can be in accordance with both the PRC and Classic Rally Car regulations.

Club Rally Cars with engines younger than 20 years prior to 2018 must be entered in the COT Modern Competition.

This means that vehicle eligibility as listed in the Pre-regulations (issued 19 August 2017) stands.

Rally car regulations are listed on the CAMS website under CAMS Manual of Motor Sport>Rally/Road

Issued: 9 February 2018