Get your June COT wallpaper…

Yep, we missed the 1st of June. Sorry about that – we were busy with things like roadbooks and service instructions and it slipped by. But, we think the COT16 June wallpaper is worth the few days wait:


The June wallpaper features the COT16 poster – but with a new treatment by COT creative director Antony Bernadou.

We’re not sure what inspired Ant down this path. Maybe it was the current wet weather in Alice Springs or maybe Macarthur Park played on CKRA FM in Edmonton? It doesn’t matter – the final COT16 poster is a cracker…

Yes, this is the final COT16 wallpaper. There’s no calendar to go out of date, so you’ll be able to keep this one on your desktop well beyond the event – maybe even all the way to COT18?

Click through to our COT16 desktop wallpapers and calendars page to download your copy. As usual, it comes in a range of sizes – pick the one you need for your device.

Thanks Antony, not only for this fabulous COT16 wallpaper – for the whole series!

That’s it for wallpapers and calendars. We hope you’ve enjoyed them.