Good progress on the 350SLC – an Autosport Kotek update

We’ve received an update from Josef and Ondrej from Autosport Kotek over the weekend – the 350SLC is coming along really well. Here’s their update:

Hi Everybody,

As promised we are sending you and update on the 350SLC entry.

From the previous entry you remember that we left for the Safari Rally at the beginning of November. After our departure another 2 weeks of work was carried out on the Mercs body before it was taken to the paint shop at the end of November.

Mercedes Benz 350SLC

The bodywork and cage on the 350SLC is finished…

The painted body arrived back in our workshop in mid December allowing us so time to recover from the demanding Safari Rally.

With the great understanding of our families we worked quite extensively through the Christmas holidays and have made some major progress. We would estimate that we have about 97% of all the required components in our workshop ready to be installed.

Mercedes benz 350SLC from the front

All components are ready and its time for the assembly to start…

The major outstanding tasks that need to be completed is the wiring system that requires another few days and the fabrication of the sump guard and the completely new exhaust system. The later two tasks we do in-house ourselves so that’s no issue.

On January 9th, Joseph Huber the car owner, came over from Switzerland to see the progress on the car and discuss some issues about the vehicle specification and spare parts package.

We are on schedule and should have no problems in having the car ready for shipment.

Josef and Ondřej

The Autosport Kotek team...

The team meeting… LtoR: Petr Bernard, Ondřej Coufal, Joseph Huber and Roman Maděra. Josef Kaplan is on the other side of the camera. Is that another 240Z in the background? 


Thanks for the update guys – the car looks just great. We’re going to have three gorgeous Mercedes coupes on the 2016 Classic Outback Trial!

There are more pics on Datsun 240Z’s Facebook album.