These crews have nominated for the 2016 Classic Outback Trial and will be guaranteed a start when supp regs come out nearer the event.

Thanks all for your support – great to have you on board!


Entrant Driver Co-driver Vehicle Event
Michael Arundel VIC Simon Healey VIC Ford Mustang Classic
Steve Ashton VIC Ro Nixon VIC Mitsibishi Galant Classic
Shane Attwell WA David Moir WA Ford Falcon GT Classic
Richard Bennett * WA Matt James-Wallace WA Ford Mustang Classic
Steve Blair NSW Glen Evans NSW Datsun Stanza Classic
Warren Briggs England Gerry Bashford VIC Ford Mustang Classic
John Bruinsma WA Roger McNaughton WA Holden Commodore VE Modern
Keith Callinan QLD Mary Anne Callinan QLD Ford Escort RS1800 Classic
James Calvert-Jones VIC Ben Hardy VIC Porsche 911 Classic
Brian Canny VIC Doug Norman VIC Porsche 944 Classic
Michael Coates SA Justin Coates SA Leyland P76 Classic
Pat Cole NSW Brad Cole NSW Mercedes 280SL Classic
Viking Motorsport Jorge Companc Argentina Jose Volta Argentina Ford Escort RS1800 Classic
John Cooper NSW Ross Warner NSW Ford Falcon ‘XD’ Classic
Andy Crane NSW Dave Anderson NSW Peugeot 504 Classic
Neil Cuthbert VIC Sue Evans VIC Datsun 200B Classic
Robert Dance UK Toyota HiLux Regularity
Richard Davidson Tony Jordan NSW Richard Davidson NSW Triumph 2.5 Pi Classic
Warren Denham NSW Arron Topliff NSW Mitsubishi Trition Cross Country
Greg Hannah VIC Jacqui Collihole VIC Holden Commodore Classic
Kim Harper VIC Alex Kovacevic VIC Ford Escort Mk1 RS2000 Classic
John Henderson NSW Jeff West NSW Volvo Classic
RexTeam Joseph Huber Switzerland Yves Huber Switzerland Porsche 911SC Classic
Adam Kaplan NSW Mary Hughes TAS Mazda RX7 Modern
Phillip Kerr NT Jenny Cole VIC Datsun 1600 Classic
Ben Kittle NT Peter Williams NT Holden Commodore VR Modern
Phil Macwhirter VIC Laurette Macwhirter VIC 1934 Railton Coupe Regularity
Chris McCormack NT Blake McCormack ACT Mitsubishi Magna Modern
David McKenzie VIC Terry Brain VIC Mitsibishi Galant Classic
John Midgley England John Pullan England Toyota Corolla TE27 Classic
Robert Mifsud NSW Tony Hudson NSW Datsun Stanza Classic
Bill Monkhouse SA Andrew Booker SA Suzuki Vitara Modern
Graeme Muldrew WA Keith Earle WA Mitsubishi Pajero Cross Country
Daniel Murphy VIC Lada Samara Classic
Peter Neal NSW Subaru WRX Modern
Greg Newton * NSW Adrian Barwell NSW Holden Commodore VC Regularity
David Officer VIC Kate Officer VIC Mitsubishi Galant Classic
 Geoff Olholm Luke Olholm * QLD Gordon Trigg NSW Datsun 240Z Classic
Reg Owen VIC Russell Cairns VIC Isuzu MU-X Cross Country
Ted Perkins VIC Joel Perkins VIC Ford Lotus Cortina Classic
 Mike Mitchell Ian Reddiex * QLD Mike Mitchell QLD Toyota Celica Classic
Nathan Reeves VIC Scott Spedding VIC Nissan Gazelle Classic
Stephen Riley VIC John Doble VIC Holden VF Ute Cross Country
Murray Rogers VIC Debbie Hedwards VIC Holden Commodore Classic
Michael Sawyer NT Andrew Sawyer NSW Datsun 1600 Classic
Gerald Schofield NSW Isuzu D-MAX Cross Country
Ben Seehusen NSW Classic
Bruce Shepherd Tim Shepherd VIC Bruce Shepherd VIC Peugeot Classic
Ian Swan * VIC Colin Gow VIC Volvo 244 Classic
Penny Swan VIC Tony Robinson VIC Volvo 244 DL Classic
Andrew Travis NSW David Travis NSW Nissan Gazelle Classic
Evan Vale NT Caroline Vale NT Subaru Forester Modern
Michael Verge VIC Holden Commodore Classic
Joel Wald VIC Tracey Dewhurst VIC Datsun Stanza Classic
Graham Wallis VIC Brian Ward VIC Peugeot 205 Classic
Michael Ward VIC Toyota Corolla TE37 Classic
Murray Young * QLD Paul McBean QLD Mitsubishi Pajero Cross Country

NOTE – information is not final and will be updated as entry forms are received. If you want to fill in a blank or change info above, please contact us at


Total nominations: 57
* updated since previous update

Last updated: 13 April 2016