A rare Mercedes coming to the COT – Autosport Kotek update

It was great to get this update from Autosport Kotek about the Mercedes they’ll be bringing to Australia…

Hi Everybody,

We are sending you an update to the entry of Autosport Kotek FYI.

The 1972 Mercedes 350SLC entered in the event is actually owned by Joseph Huber. The car is being prepared in the workshop of Ondrej Coufal.
The car had some basic modifications before it came to Ondrej’s workshop. It was completely stripped a new rollcage has been installed, all the body reinforced.

Preparation is underway...

Preparation is underway…

It will have a 120 liter safety fuel tank in the luggage compartment. The engine and gearbox have been overhauled. The rear diff has received a LSD. This 350 model is slightly rare is it comes with a 4-speed manual gearbox.

The complete car will be prepared to a similar standard as Ondrejs Datsun. By the way the Datsun is in a container heading for this years Safari Rally where Ondrej and Roman Madera will be competing.

Ondrej and the Mercedes - yes, there's a bit to do!

Ondrej and the Mercedes – yes, there’s a bit to do!

See the attached photos of the 235SLC as of yesterday with a worried expression on Ondrejs face on the second picture. Since you have the entry the car must be ready in time to be shipped over at the beginning of April.

Good luck for the event.
Ondrej and Josef

Thanks Ondrej and Josef – keep the updates coming! We’ll be watching the East African Safari with interest and keeping track of Ondrej and Roman’s progress.