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Cross Country Cars to have their own Classic Outback Trial competition

COT 2016 Class Logo - Cross Country We’ve had great response to the decision to accept a limited number of Cross Country Cars to run in the 2016 Classic Outback Trial. In fact, response has been so good we have introduced a new category – Classic Outback Cross Country.

Cross Country Cars will now have their own competition – rather than being part of Classic Outback Modern, as previously announced.

Cross Country Cars are the most “rally-car like” of the Off Road classes – they are four-wheel drive recreational and light commercial (utility) vehicles. We will issue invitations for a limited number of vehicles that will fit with the event.

So far we’ve invited 6 Cross Country Cars to compete and we’ve already received a number of nominations, including one from Warren Denham, who drives the Trans Vent Mitsubishi Triton.

“It’s great that we’ve been invited to compete and even better that we now have our own competition” said Denham.

“I’m really looking forward to the COT. We haven’t raced around Alice Springs since 2002 and I’ve always enjoyed the rugged NT countryside. And, it will be really interesting to run under Rally Sporting Regulations and organisation” he said.

Warren Denham's Triton will compete in Classic Outback Cross Country

Warren Denham’s Triton will compete in Classic Outback Cross Country

The Cross Country Cars will run after the Classic and Modern categories.

The new competition is expected to not only boost the number of crews competing in the event, it will add to the spectacle and enhance the event as a major, Alice Springs based motor sport event.

“We’re really pleased at the response by the Cross Country guys” said COT promoter Philip Bernadou.

“They’ll add a great new dimension to the event and they deserve their own category. Separating Cross Country from Modern also simplifies the modern category” he added.