Our top 8 reasons for moving the 2016 Classic Outback Trial to Alice Springs

door sticker 1It *really is* the Outback…

Yep – that’s the nailer. It’s the Outback all right. It’s red, it’s rugged and it really is spectacular. You’ll have sensational rally stages on cattle stations the size of European countries, in the most spectacular landscapes you can imagine. It’s a unique event in an amazing part of Australia.

The East MacDonnells - on Undoolya Station.

Philip, on the first day of our May 2015 survey on Undoolya Station. “This is why we moved here… “.

We could keep going… there are so many reasons why moving to Alice Springs was a great idea. And, they’re all helping this event shape up as the best COT yet.

The 2016 Classic Outback Trial out of Alice Springs. It’s Classic. It’s Outback. It’s a real challenge.

And it’s over to you.

Will you be joining us?