Questions with...

Questions with: Graeme Palmer

Graeme Palmer has been the Chief Scrutineer for all four COTs and will be with us again in 2016. Let’s hear what he has to say…   

Whats your usual role on the COT? What do you do? 
I am the Chief Scrutineer.

Graeme Palmer hard at work...

Graeme Palmer hard at work…

Who will be traveling with you?
It depends who is working on the event – in the past events I have traveled alone, whereas last year I traveled with a fellow scrutineer.

You’ve been an official on the COT before… what do you like about the event – what has bought you back?
As an old retired rally navigator and driver, scrutineering enables me to still be part of the sport and to travel around this country with lots of old friends enjoying rallying.

Graeme and Val Swan, COT 2014

Graeme, with Val Swan, COT 2014

What are your expecting from the 2016 COT; what are you looking forward to?
With the relocation to Central Australia, this is a great chance to revisit Alice Springs and its surroundings.

Have you been to Alice Springs before? What are you expecting or looking forward to seeing?
I have been here before on the early Australian Safaris. I have also been there twice before scrutineering at the Finke Desert Race. I am looking forward to seeing the Red Centre again.

What is your rallying and officialling background? How did you become part of the COT team?
I started scrutineering in 1975. I started rallying in 1978 in a Toyota Celica and ran it for 10 years. I navigated for my brother Russell in Malaysia for a full season in 1990. I navigated in 3 Rally Australias. I scrutineered on many Australian Safari’s for Tom Snooks and I have worked with Tom since the first Australian Safari on just about every event he has organised since.

Graeme and the team waiting for action... COT2014

Graeme and the team waiting for action… COT2014

What is you most memorable COT moment – what sticks in your mind?
I have no “most memorable moment”, just lots of good memories and meeting and working with old friends again.

What is/was your favourite rally car?
My favourite rally car was the first Audi Quattro.

What is your most memorable rallying moment?
The Palmer brothers wining our class in the Asia Pacific Rally championship 1990.

Graeme and his team see lots of underbellies...

Graeme and his team see lots of underbellies…

What will you be doing to get ready for the 2016 COT?
Sorting through the Competitor Vehicle Information and Specification Sheets (VISS’s) prior to the event.

Where are you, and what are you doing as you answer these questions?
Sitting at home finishing these questions off so I can go and set the recorder for tonight’s Tour De France.

Thanks Graeme… and thanks for being part of the COT team. Enjoy Le Tour…