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Questions with: Andy Crane

Meet Andy Crane – a COT regular and one of a handful who have competed in ALL 4 COTs…

What car will you be running in the 2016 COT? What is special; what is its history; where is it at?
I will be running a Peugeot 504 V6 , its the same car I used in 2014 and 2012. I built the original car after the Playstation Rally in 1998. The log book was issued in 1999 and the car has had a number of different motors and gearboxes… it’s a bit like grandfathers axe. I am not planning any upgrades before the COT.

Andy Crane and Dave Anderson in COT 2014 - this shot on day 4.

Andy Crane and Dave Anderson in COT 2014 – this is from day 4. Ian Smith pic.

Who will be in your team? Who is your co-driver, team manager or service crew? What’s your history as a team?
The team will be the same as last COT, Dave Anderson in the left hand seat telling me where to go. The service crew is my wife Tracey and Dave’s girlfriend Rachael. Tracey has been sitting in cold wet service parks at over 100 rallies. Dave has been calling the notes for me for 8 years. Rachael is new to the team and has been along on the last 2 COTs. Its just the four of us… I built the car and have to fix it if I crash, so I drive to the conditions.

If you’ve competed in the COT before, what do you like about the event – what has bought you back?
I don’t know why I keep turning dollars into dust.

Always pushing... This shot from COT 2010. Garry Searle pic.

Always pushing… This shot from COT 2010. Garry Searle pic.

What are your expecting from the 2016 COT; what are you looking forward to?
I am looking forward to some long stages. I like hard events where you need to pace the car and the crew – these events are not won on the first day, you need to be there at the finish.

Have you been to Alice Springs before? What are you expecting or looking forward to seeing?
I did the Red Centre to Gold Coast so I am familiar with the Red Centre and the type of roads. Do we have a run on the off road track at Alice?

Are you planning a bit of a Red Centre holiday as part of your rally? Will your partner, family or friends be joining you?
We would like to spend a bit of time either before or after the COT in or around Alice, but will have to plan the logistics of getting car and crew to the start line as a priority.

COT 2014... pushing hard to be in third at Ivanhoe at the end of day 4.

COT 2014… pushing hard to be in third at Ivanhoe at the end of day 4.

Who are your sponsors or supporters?
I don’t have a sponsor, but I do have space on the car if you know a firm looking for an opportunity.

What is/was your favourite rally car?
Peugeot 504. I have been driving 504s since the late 1970s.

What is your most memorable rallying moment?
There are so many fantastic moments it would be hard to pick the most memorable. My worst moment was broken down and having to sit on the top of a hill just outside Broken Hill and watch the entire field go past.


What will you be doing to get ready for the 2016 COT?
I have promised to wash the car. This year I am doing the AMSAG Series and next year, before the COT, I will also be doing the AMSAG series.

Where are you, and what are you doing as you answer these questions?
It is raining today so am stuck inside answering my emails.

Andy is obviously very good at this long distance rallying caper – he’s been a consistent COT top 5 finisher with 4th, 3rd and 5th outright before his 24th in 2014. Andy and Dave were lying in 3rd and challenging when they had a tail shaft failure – his memorable moment above. Chookas to Andy and the team for 2016… it’s great to have them back again.