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The Classic Outback Trial YouTube channel is now open!

We’ve finally got out YouTube channel into a bit of shape.

You can re-live the 2014 Classic Outback Trial by re-watching all the video reports from the event by our COT roving reporters, Alan Baker and Geoff Hale. Plus there are survey clips from the current event, some clips from the Sydney to London and a playlist of fantastic COT videos put up on YouTube by others.

It’s a great way to kill a few hours… 😎

watch_us_on_youtubeCheck us out on YouTube – and subscribe so you get to know about new videos.

Here’s something to get you in the mood – a bit of spirited in-car from the 2014 event:  Matt Lee and Cathy Elliot on their way to fastest time on Murda, the last stage on day 1.