Director’s cut: A hectic start to 2015…

An update from COT 2016 Event Director, Philip Bernadou.

Work really is well under way on the 2016 event. January and February have been very busy with getting the book out and a fabulous trip to the Race Retro historic motorsport expo in the UK. There will be a report and some pics from that on the website shortly.

pic of Francis Tuthill and Philip Bernadou at Race Retro

Francis Tuthill (L) and Philip Bernadou on the Classic Outback Trial stand at Race Retro.

Our focus now is very much on how we can put together a bigger and better 2016 event. Make no mistake, the event focus is on the CLASSIC Outback Trial. But, my accountant has stipulated that the event has to be profitable, so expanding the event to include other categories will hopefully provide an increase in entries.

Steve Hollowood and I will be heading off to Alice at the end of April to put the event on the road. The trip conducted in June last year with Bob Watson and Bob Carpenter laid the groundwork by contacting all the property owners and obtaining the necessary assistance of shires, property owners etc required to run an event of this size.

As the event gets bigger and demands more time, we have added another member to our organising team, Steuart Snooks, in the role of Functions Coordinator. Steuart has navigated in the Red Centre to Gold Coast and several COT events and is the son of our Clerk of Course of course… Welcome on board Steuart.

To keep our organising team fired up it would be great to have some idea about who is going to have a run in the 2016 Classic Outback Trial.

We have 10 nominations to date but an indication of intentions will keep the aforementioned accountant and the team very happy. A quick email to me at would be very welcome!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter channels for pics from our survey. Steve and I are both looking forward to it!

Philip Bernadou