Own the 2014 COT Gnome – with auction proceeds to Frontier Services

The COT 2014 gnome is being auctioned on eBay to benefit Frontier Services

Boutique Statue Artistry have created a very special, one-off COT 2014 gnome – and we are offering him up for auction, with all proceeds going to Frontier Services.


Mini gnomes enjoying the Broken Hill Speedway.

During the Classic Outback Trial we presented a mini-gnome each morning to the driver and co-driver that won the previous day. The mini-gnomes proved very popular and they went to four different crews over the seven day event. And, the little fellas had lots of fun on the event, as you can see by some of Tracey Dewhurst’s pics on this page.

Now is your chance to own your own COT gnome – and it’s the real, full-grown thing! Follow the link to the eBay auction, check him out and make a bid. All proceeds from the sale will go to the “Rally for remote Australia” fundraiser, to benefit Frontier Services and help keep the Flying Padre in the air.

The COT 2014 gnome is resplendent in COT colours, stands 330 mm high, weighs approximately 3.5 kg and is made of genuine concrete. He comes with instructions and Boutique Statues principal, Robert Cranston, can provide technical support and any repairs or touch-ups that may be needed in the future.


The COT 2014 gnome is a one-off… bid now on eBay.

All proceeds from this sale go to the “Rally for remote Australia” fundraiser that benefits Frontier Services. Frontier Services, the Classic Outback Trial’s charity partner, do fantastic work in remote parts of Australia, including “COT country”.

Will deliver to the successful bidder in Melbourne, or despatch by post elsewhere at cost. He will come with a tax invoice/receipt from Frontier Services.

This is your chance to own the first COT gnome and benefit a very worthy cause – bid now!

Special thanks to Rob Cranston of Boutique Statue Artistry for donating the fabulous COT 2014 gnome.

On eBay – Classic Outback Trial 2014 Gnome – sale to benefit Frontier Services



Mini-gnomes on the way to Ivanhoe

COT mini gnomes enjoy the event

Mini-gnomes get a good view at service on Neil Cuthbert’s car

On eBay – Classic Outback Trial 2014 Gnome – sale to benefit Frontier Services