Rally for remote Australia – help the COT keep the Flying Padre in the air!

Rally for remote Australia banner

The “Rally for remote Australia” is a special Classic Outback Trial fundraiser to help keep Frontier Services’ Broken Hill based plane in the air.

The COT gets great benefit from our relationship with Frontier Services – we are welcomed with open arms and we get to rally in a unique and absolutely sensational part of Australia. Our partnership gets us access to stations and support that we might not otherwise get.

So – we need to return the favour and support our partners.

Flying Padre's plane taking off from a station airstrip.

The flying Padre, Pastor David Shrimpton, in action.

This special fundraiser will help keep Frontier Services’ Broken Hill based plane in the air.

“The flying padre”, Pastor David Shrimpton, uses a Cessna to visit his community. David’s bailiwick covers the western third of NSW and includes many of the stations and towns we will rally through. All donations through this fundraiser will go to support the refitting and operation of the plane.

We encourage crews and other interested groups to set up a “fundraising team” and get your friends and family to support your fundraising efforts. Share the link and a personal message to your Facebook page and Twitter feed. The team that raises the most will be recognised and suitably rewarded at the presentation dinner in Renmark.

You can donate direct to Frontier Services too… you don’t have to set up a team.

The fundraising site is at – all is explained there.

We’re really pleased to support this fundraiser and we hope all crews and officials on the event will get behind it. We will be setting up a “COT Officials” team and doing our best to show how #cotofficialsmakeithappen! We hope COT 2014 crews will set up teams and prove they can make it happen too…

We also invite past competitors, people interested in the COT and people and organisations we’ve met along the way to support this and help keep the plane flying.

COT Director Philip Bernadou and Pastor David Shrimpton, the Flying Padre.

COT Director Philip Bernadou and Frontier Services’ Pastor David Shrimpton, the Flying Padre.

Let’s support this special fundraiser and help keep the Frontier Services plane in the air – go to the Rally for Remote Australia fundraising site now!