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RallySafe Installation Kits

RallySafe logoRallySafe is a key part of the safety framework for the 2014 Classic Outback Trial.

All cars need to buy and fit a Rallysafe Installation kit before the event. The event will provide the RallySafe unit, but you need to have the kit installed and ready to plug it in.

You can buy the installation kit direct from RallySafe. It is available through their online shop on their website. 

There is also comprehensive information about RallySafe, some Frequesntly Asked Questions, Fitting Kit Instructions and a User Guide on their Competitors page.  We suggest you review the Fitting Kit Instructions prior to buying as it explains options and what is required.

If you have any queries about what is required for your vehicle, please contact RallySafe direct.

RallySafe units will be issued at Documentation in Parkes and need to be installed and operating prior to attending Scrutiny.