Sydney to London back on as planned…

UPDATE 2 April 2014

Overnight Sydney to London Classic Marathon organisers announced that they have found another plane and the event is back on as planned – all the way to London!  Transworld Historic Rallying have a contract in place with Emirates Sky Cargo to move cars from Perth to Turkey as scheduled.

The COT team is very pleased for both the competitors and the Transworld organising team – it has been a difficult few days for everyone concerned.

COT promoter, Phil Bernadou, said today “It’s great news.  The COT team is well and truly ramping up and we’re looking forward to meeting everyone in Sydney and providing a memorable kick off and first leg through to Renmark.”


Original post: Sydney to London to Terminate in Perth

It was announced yesterday that the Sydney to London Classic Marathon Rally will terminate in Perth due to difficulties in securing air transport from Western Australia to Turkey.

“With only two weeks to go I’m sorry to hear of this happening after so much work has been put into organising the event over the past two years”, said Phil Bernadou, owner and promoter of the Classic Outback Trial, upon hearing the news.

“We think the Australian leg is the best bit anyway” he said. “We’ll do what we can to make sure Sydney to London competitors enjoy the first four days through to Renmark and we know Ivar Stanellis and his team has developed a great route through to Perth.”

Bernadou made himself and the COT team available to assist the Transworld Historic Rally by providing the Sydney to Renmark segment of the Australian leg for Transworld event, using much of this year’s Classic Outback Trial course, which will be conducted late August/early September.

“Despite the problems, we know competitors will enjoy the Australian leg.”