The 2014 Classic Outback Trial – family friendly fun!

The 2014 Classic Outback Trial is shaping up as a very popular family activity. Of the 38 nominations we’ve received at the time of writing, and based on what we know about entrants’ plans, a shade over 28% are family crews.

So far we have:

  • Four husband/wife crews
  • Two father/son crews
  • Two son/father crews
  • Two crews that will be either father/son, son/father or both
  • One crew that will be father/daughter, daughter/father or both

“Family discussions” between now and official entry forms being completed will clarify the last two points. 😎

In recognition of the family crews entering the COT we have reinstated the “Family award” for the 2014 event – details will be in Supp Regs.

We know that it is not just competing crews that have family ties. Many service crews have partners, parents, in-laws, children and other relatives making up the support team.

Our officials have strong family connections too – the road crews will include three to five husband/wife teams and one or more father/son teams, depending on who comes and many other officials bring family members along. In fact, our Clerk of Course tops the lot with his son, son-in-law and grandson among the officials.

The 2014 COT is turning into a real family affair…

David Travis walking into a cpontrol on the 2010 COT

Andrew and David Travis, a son and father crew, won the 2010 COT. This pic shows David walking into a start control to check in while Andrew does some checks of his own.